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Does My Fuse Box Need Changing?

There can be some confusion when it comes to knowing if you need a fuse box upgrade or replacement. Common reasons for a fuse box replacement are:



  • You have to change the old style fuse wire every time a bulb goes
  • The old fuse box made from a combustible material eg. wood
  • You need electrical installation work done but are unsure if the fuse board safe
  • Your fuse box looks unsafe and needs attention



  • The fusebox is an old rewireable type and looks outdated
  • New Electrical circuits are needed as part of a project
  • The fuse box is damaged and beyond repair
  • You have no RCD protection on you fuse board


New Fuse Box Installation Cost

The cost to upgrade a fuse board to a consumer unit can vary in cost from job to job. So to give an accurate quote the job would need to be seen first.
In a domestic property price typically range from around £300 - £550. This would include testing the electrical installation and providing the relevant certificates.
For a larger consumer unit (eg. in commercial or industrial premises) prices will typically start around £500 and can go up to £2000+.


How Long Does it take to change a fuse box?

Every electrical installation is different and this could change depending on how many circuits there are. 
In a single domestic property on an installation with up to 10 circuits, we would allow 1 day. This would include the testing, writing up the installation certificate and notifying Building Control.
In a larger commercial or industrial premises this could take anywhere from a day or even a week depending on the size of the consumer unit.
It would be beneficial to enquire with your electrician because the power will need to be off all the way through the installation.


What is the difference between a fuse box and a consumer unit?

It can be quiet confusing when different people use different terms to describe the same thing.
Some common terms are:
  • Fuse Board
  • Fuse Box
  • Consumer Unit
  • Consumer Box
  • Distribution Board
They really are the same thing and serve the same purpose. As electricians, the proper term we use is consumer unit but answer to any of the terms above.
On our quotes we write, 'Upgrade existing Fuse Board to 18th Edition, Amendment 3 Consumer Unit.'
  • 18th Edition refers to the latest edition of the Electrical Regulations
  • Amendment 3 basically means that the consumer unit has to be made from a non-combustible material eg. metal.



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