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ADS Electrical are reputable commercial electricians in Sussex. We are an NICEIC Approved Contractor and understand the electrical needs of a business.  These needs are often greater than that of a residential home. They are typically a 3 phase supply.

If you have an office building with many computers, copiers, printers and other office equipment you can imagine that it takes a bit more to power all of those devices. 

However, a commercial factory has different but very unique needs to power some of its heavy equipment as well as their office. 

Commercial Electricians in Sussex

Understanding this and how to set this up is important as a Commercial electrician in Sussex

After all, you want a fuse box or consumer unit and supply that is big enough to handle all the demand, but you also need to ensure that it can be expanded upon as well.

ADS Electrical are experts when it comes to Commercial Electrical Design and Commercial Lighting Design. We work with our clients needs to provide cost effective solutions for the perfect commercial electrical Installation.

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Commercial Electricians

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If you are looking to rewire a current business or are building a new plant altogether, we can help. 

We work with our clients to set up their electrical systems. Commercial places are not like residences but have unique applications to them. 

This is why it is important to get a commercial electrician than understands the unique needs of a business. Many times there is a need for more power outlets as well as a strategy on how to get the power to some of the equipment.

After all, you don’t want to be tripping over extension cords and have the place looking all unorganized.  You want a professional electrical job done and that’s what we offer.

We work with clients to ensure they have enough outlets and power in just the right places.  Should you have a difficult situation that you need to be remedied, give us a call. We are happy to help, take a look and offer some valuable suggestions.  

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What is A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a trained professional who installs, maintains, and repairs electrical systems in commercial buildings, ensuring that they function safely and efficiently.

Are Commercial and Industrial Electricians the Same?

No, commercial electricians specialize in electrical systems for commercial buildings, while industrial electricians specialize in electrical systems for industrial settings such as factories and manufacturing plants.

What is The Difference Between a Domestic and Commercial Electrician?

While both domestic and commercial electricians work with electrical systems, commercial electricians specialize in the unique electrical needs of commercial buildings, such as offices, stores, and warehouses.

What Do Electricians Charge per hour UK??

The hourly rate for electricians in the UK can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the type of work being performed. On average, electricians in the UK charge between £40-£60 per hour. However, some may charge more for emergency or out-of-hours work, or for specialized services such as electrical design or installation.

Can I do Electrical Work in a Commercial Building?

In most cases, electrical work in commercial buildings must be carried out by a qualified commercial electrician who is an NICEIC Approved Contractor or belongs to a similar electrical scheme to ensure compliance with electrical regulations.

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