Getting The Right Electrical Setup To Save On Your Energy Bills


We all want to save on energy bills. Especially when you’re moving into a new home. While there are lots of sundry expenses that come with moving house, there are also great opportunities for savings. As much as we rely on the energy supply in our households, there’s always something more *fun* that we could be spending our money on.


The good news is that your electrical setup at home can make a huge contribution to saving on your energy bills. You don’t even need to make any huge expensive renovations. Here are some ways in which the right electrical setup in your new home can save on your energy bills… 



Switch energy supplier regularly


You may not be aware of this, but when you move into a new home you could be seriously overspending on your energy bills. The good news is that our friends at Switch-Plan can help you find the perfect energy plan for your needs and budget. Including affordable 100% renewable energy tariffs. So you can spend less on your energy while also helping to save the planet. 


As soon as you are responsible for the energy supply in your home, you are placed on a “deemed contract” with whatever energy supplier the previous occupant used. This means that you’re almost certainly on the supplier’s default variable tariff, which is usually among the least competitively priced the supplier offers. The sooner you switch, the more you could potentially save. 



Say bye bye to incandescent bulbs


Did you know that old-fashioned incandescent bulbs waste around 90% of the energy they use generating heat rather than light. Swap them with LED spotlights or energy-saving CFL lamps and you could save up to £55 throughout the lifetime of each bulb.


Install dimmer switches


Dimmer switches don’t just help you to create a charming ambience in your home. They can also help you to save energy. They reduce the flow of energy to the bulb, so you spend less on “wasted” light. 


Use Smart Energy Strips and Plugs to Put Energy Vampires to Rest


Did you know that some devices like TVs, games consoles and media players can use up to 80% as much energy on standby as when they’re switched on? You can either switch these off at the wall when they’re not in use, or invest in a smart energy strip to switch them off instead of putting them on standby. This could save you as much as £68 per year on your energy.


Substitute Wall Heaters for Economy 7 Storage Heaters or Electric Radiators


If you heat your home using electricity, you may find that wall heaters are both expensive and inefficient. If your new home has an economy 7 meter, you may find that you save money by using electric storage heaters. These generate heat energy overnight when energy is cheapest, storing and releasing it throughout the day. As such, they can be much more cost-effective than conventional electric heaters.


Install a smart thermostat


Finally, the temperature you select on your thermostat can make a surprisingly big difference. Turning it down by just 1 degree can reduce your energy bills by up to £75 per year. Installing a thermal stat can reduce your energy bills even further, saving you up to £350 per year on your energy. These clever devices learn your household’s behaviour, heating the spaces where you and your family spend time and ensuring that heat isn’t wasted when you’re not around.